Bamboo NIGHT Nursing Pads

Bamboo NIGHT Nursing Pads



My handmade bamboo nursing pads are soft, absorbent, waterproof and stylish. They are an absolute must have for during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Being eco-friendly, softer on your skin and more comfortable, they are the perfect alternative to disposable nursing pads. They also make the perfect baby shower/new mum gift.

Made from: 3 layers of beautifully soft double sided bamboo terry absorbency fabric (94% bamboo and 6% polyester for durability) and a layer of breathable waterproof print fabric (PUL). Edges overlocked with polyester thread.

Size: 12cm

*Price is per pair.
**Patterns vary.

- For best hygiene, change pads over every feed or when wet.
- If you’re not sure how many nursing pads you’ll need, 6 pairs would be a great start.

Care Instructions:
Soak in water if not washing immediately after use. Cool to warm wash (delicate/hand wash cycle) in a wash bag. Line dry with bamboo terry side facing out, immediately after wash cycle is complete. Do not tumble dry or iron. Do not use fabric softener. Any visible blue fabric marker will come out in the wash.

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Bamboo Nursing Pads
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