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Happy Biome Balm Me Better


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Balm Me Better! All-Purpose Repair Salve – 100ml

Zilch Nasties. Earth ingredients Only. Tasmanian-made with biomey love & natural goodness.

Happy Biome’s Balm Me Better! is an all-purpose repair wonder, healing & protecting skin naturally with super skin foods. useful for: cracked hands & feet, nappy rash, cracked nipples, chapped lips, dry winter spots, after gardening & gym, itchy & irritated skin, mozzie bites, insect repellant, deep moisturiser.

What ya gotta do: Rub onto afflicted area, a few times a day. Always remember to patch test.

Your real ‘clean’ skin food: cacao butter*, coconut oil*, Tasmanian olive oil, almond oil*, beeswax*, chamomile extract*, rosemary extract, elemi essential oil**, lavender essential oil*, geranium essential oil**..And that’s it!

**100% pure Therapeutic-grade

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Happy Biome Bosom Balm
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